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THRASHOUT 2nd full album
"Making The Puddles To The Ground"
2018/12/19 CATCH ALL RECORDSより発売しました!!
CKCA-1072 ¥2300(税別)
【Making The Puddles To The Ground 収録曲】


2.No Attention

3.I Don't Care

4.Do My Best

5.The Only Way

6.Garbage Like You

7.Piece Of Junk

8.Sunset Baby

9.Fat The Ligament Tear

10.I Just Loving You

11.Song Of Beer

12.I Kiss To My Ass

13.Worth Living

14.Go Back To The Old Days

"I Don't Care" PV

THRASHOUT 1st full album
"We Wanna All Get Laid"
2017/10/4 CATCH ALL RECORDSより発売しました!!
【We Wanna All Get Laid 収録曲】

1.Please Me Love
2.Not So Good Not So Bad
3.Amazing Jap
5.Delicious Food
6.Complaint Of P.T.J
7.Baby Yeah
8.Cherry Boy
9.Piece By Piece
10.Do You Wanna Do
12.Fall Over
13.Good Pressure


"Please Me Love" PV

我々THRASHOUTは2017年5月14日のライブをもちまして、CATCH ALL RECORDSに所属となりました!!!!!!!!!!